99 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs List in 2020

I have written a lot of legitimate work from home jobs on this blog. Some of them you can find here, here, and here.

If you haven’t check that post out yet I encourage you to do so because if you are serious to start to make money from home I’m sure you’ll be interested in those jobs.

In this post, I’ll share with you even more list than what I’ve shared in my blog. I try to keep on updating my blog when I find new online jobs available that could help you.

I know not everyone likes to make money blogging or any other online business that needs you to learn a lot of things first before you could actually start.

Some of you may be looking for simple online jobs that could work from home either for full time or part-time.

A job that doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge or even any experience prior.

So I hope the legitimate work from home jobs could give you some idea what type of jobs you want to work with.

99 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

This list is a compilation of several different types of work from home jobs. So you can choose which type of job you like the most.

The type of job listed below consists of teaching, customer service, transcription, web search evaluation and many more.

This is more to work from home jobs list that available today. I do not explain every job listed in an in-depth review.

But if you want to read an in-depth review I do have only a few where I stated (read full review) beside the job listed below. Let’s get down to business.


Transcription job always has a high demand for people who are looking for legitimate work from home jobs.

One of the reasons why I guess because transcription job doesn’ require you to have any technical skills and it’s fairly easy to do.

For those who just heard this for the first time transcription job is a job where you have to transcribe the audio or video file to a written word.

You are going to hear the files given and write everything that you hear into a text document. This type of job suitable for stay at home moms, students, freelancer or anyone looking for the simplest online side hustle job.

Not only the transcription jobs most of the companies also provide translation and linguistic jobs. Here are the transcription companies that you can work with:

1. Transcribe Me – (Read full review) https://workhub.transcribeme.com/Account/Register

2. Go Transcript – (Read full review)

3. Rev – (Read full review)

4. Scribie – (Read full review)

5. 1-888 Type It Up – http://www.1888typeitup.com/transcription-jobs/

6. AccuTran Global– http://accutranglobal.com/

7. Babbletype – http://babbletype.com/apply-for-work/

8. Casting Words – https://workers.castingwords.com/turkers/index

9. Hollywood Transcriptions – http://www.hollywoodtranscriptions.com/

10. Quicktate – https://typists.quicktate.com/transcribers/signup

11. Focus Forward –  http://www.fftranscription.com/become-a-transcriber/

12. Cactus Global – http://careers.cactusglobal.com/

13. Amphion Medical – http://amphionmedical.com/

14. Literably – https://literably.com/scorer-signup

15. Conifer Health – http://coniferhealth.com/careers/

16. MModal (formerly known as MedQuist) – https://mmodal.com/careers/

17. Precyse – http://www.precyse.com/

18. 3 Play Media – http://www.3playmedia.com/company/jobs/

19. Appen Butler Hill – http://www.appen.com/company/opportunities/

20. WeLocalize – http://talent.welocalize.com/snap-signup/

21. Verbal Ink – https://www.verbalink.io/

22. GMR Transcription – https://www.gmrtranscription.com/

23. Speechpad – https://www.speechpad.com/worker

Customer service

We need to be really grateful for living and growing in the internet era. I’m sure without the internet most of these jobs listed are not available.

If years ago to work as a customer service you have to show up at the physical office but nowadays you could only work from home.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop you’re good to go.

Many companies around the world started hiring a lot of people either full time or part-time to work from home.

This amount has increased over time. Listed below are the companies that allow you to work from home as their customer service officer:

24. Triple AAA – https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Aaa

25. Apptical – http://www.apptical.com/contact-us/career-opportunities/

26. Working Solutions –Read more– https://workingsolutions.com/

27. ACD Direct – http://www.acddirect.com/

28. LiveOps – https://join.liveops.com/work-from-home-call-center-jobs/

29. Higher One – http://www.higherone.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=21

30. ContractWorld – http://www.contractworld.jobs/

31. Great Virtualworks – http://greatvirtualworks.com/become-an-agent/

32. NextWave – http://www.nextwaveathome.com/

33. Parameds – https://www.parameds.com/join.html

34.  Pierce Eislen – http://www.pi-ei.com/

35. Sedgwick – https://www.sedgwick.com/careers/Pages/default.aspx

36. S&E Group LLC. – https://www.segroupllc.org/

37. Westat – http://www.westat.com/

38. Alorica at Home – http://apply.aloricaathome.com/applynow.html

39. Televated – http://www.televated.com/

40. UHaul –Read more– http://jobs.uhaul.com/

41. Expert Planet – http://expertplanet.com/

42. Ver-A-Fast – http://www.verafast.net/job_opportunities.htm

43. USA Contact Point – https://www.indeed.com/cmp/USA-Contact-Point

44. The Chat Shop – (Read full review)

Online survey

If you like to get paid by giving your opinion, an online survey may be the job that suit you.

An online survey is a so simple job that only require you a few minutes to complete.

Depending on the companies, the type of survey may vary. Some of them need you to only taking surveys while some need you to give your opinion as well.

You’ll get paid more for the longer survey and slightly less for the survey that only takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Here are some of them:

45. Survey Junkie – https://www.surveyjunkie.com/

46. Swagbucks – https://jointhefamily.thechatshop.com/

47. Survey Club – https://www.surveyclub.com/

48. MyPoints – https://www.mypoints.com/

49. Opinion Out Post – https://www.opinionoutpost.com/

50. Pinecone Research – https://www.pineconeresearch.com/

51. Google Opinion Reward – https://play.google.com/

52. Inbox Dollars – https://www.inboxdollars.com

53. VIP Voice Panel – https://www.vipvoice.com/

54. Vindale Research – https://www.vindale.com/

Freelance writing

While all the jobs listed above are the jobs you might not be interested in, this list is a perfect list for those you love to write.

The most important is you don’t have to find the client on your own but you can rely on the companies below to do that for you.

That is one of the benefits of working with an established company. There’s a small percentage that you need to pay for these companies as a service charge once you get a job.

55. iWriter – https://www.iwriter.com/

56. Wise Bread – http://www.wisebread.com/make-money-writing-for-wise-bread

57. Cactus – http://www.cactusglobal.com/about-us/careers/freelance-opportunities

58. TripleCurve – https://careers.smartrecruiters.com/TripleCurve

59. Love to Know – http://www.lovetoknow.com/apply

60. Squidoo – http://www.squidoo.com/

61. Online Writing Jobs – http://www.onlinewritingjobs.com/

62. Hire Writers – http://www.hirewriters.com/

63. Blogmutt – https://www.blogmutt.com/pages/writer

64. Writers Access – https://www.writeraccess.com/apply-writer/

65. Writers Domain – https://www.writersdomain.net/en/waitlist

Search engine evaluator

The next work from home job is called the search engine evaluator. Essentially you’re going to evaluate the relevancy and the quality of the search result.

You have to ensure any given key phrases (provided by the company) are relevant when you type in.

The companies that you’ll work with are actually hired by a search engine company like Google and Bing.

So you as their contractor will determine whether or not all the results shown on the search engine are relevant and accurate base on the key phrases.

Head over to these companies if you’re interested to become a search engine evaluator.

66. Lionbridge – (Read full review here) http://www.thesmartcrowd.com/about/workers/job-opportunities/

67. Appen – http://www.jobs.net/jobs/appen/en-us/

68. Leapforce – www.leapforceathome.com

69. iSoftstone – https://issworld.isoftstone.com

70. Workforce Logiq – https://www.workforcelogiq.com

Teaching/ tutor

If you love to teach people I bet you would love this. I never thought that the learning method will become easy.

With all these websites available people don’t have to attend any class physically anymore. People could learn anything from the comfort of their homes.

I had some experience learning English with iTalkie and it is really convenient and enjoyable.

The tutor told me that she really enjoys teaching people English online and the most important is she could work at any place she wants and at any time.

If you are keen to become an online tutor head over to one of the websites below to get started.

71. iTalki – https://www.italki.com/home

72. Cambly – https://www.cambly.com

73. Tutor ABC – http://recruit.tutorabc.com/program/index.asp

74. VIPKid – https://t.vipkid.com.cn/

75. Aim-for-A Tutoring – http://www.aim4a.com/tutors.php

76. ISUS – http://jobs.ispeakuspeak.com/

77. GoFluent – http://www.gofluent.com/web/us

78. Kaplan – http://www.kaplan.com/careersatkaplan/pages/kaplancareers.aspx

78. Remilon – http://education-portal.com/pages/Contractors.html

79. Pearson Scoring – http://www.pearsonassessments.com/careers.html

80. Elevate K12 – http://elevatek12.com/

81. ETS – https://www.ets.org/

82. Learn Light – http://careers.learnlight.com

83. Reasoning Mind – https://www.reasoningmind.org/careers/

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant job or also known as a VA is a job where you going to help a company or entrepreneurs doing the task given to you.

The task or job is different. Some of them might need a VA to reply to the emails. Some might need to do the support for their customer and many more.

What the most important is you can work from home. That is the main purpose of becoming a virtual assistant. Here are a few companies that looking for virtual assistants:

84. Fancy Hands – https://www.fancyhands.com/jobs

85. Time Etc. – http://timeetc.com/us/be-a-virtual-assistant/

86. Vicky Virtual – http://vickyvirtual.com/join-team/

87. Gabbyville – https://www.gabbyville.com/

88. Virtual Office VA – http://www.virtualofficeva.com/

88. Virtual Gal Friday – http://www.virtualgalfriday.com/join-our-team.html

89. Boldly – https://boldly.com/jobs/

Data entry

This work from home job needs you to take a lot of jobs to get a decent paycheck.

This is because most of the tasks not going to pay you more than a dollar. Although you can find some but most of them pay less than a dollar.

But I think it’s fair enough because you don’t need much time to complete a task. Some of them only take a few seconds to complete and earn money.

So the quantity really matter here. The more you are willing to spend time to complete the task, the more money you can make.

90. Smart Crowd – https://thesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com/

91. Dion Data Solutions – http://www.diondatasolutions.net/opportunities.htm

92. Konsus – https://www.konsus.com/career

93. Microworkers – https://ttv.microworkers.com/index/template

94. OneSpace – www.work.onespace.com

95. Clickworker – http://www.clickworker.com/become-a-clickworker/

96. Great American Opportunities – http://gafundraising.com/contact/

97. Vitac – http://www.vitac.com/careers/index.asp

Online moderator

The last work from home jobs in this list is becoming an online moderator. An online moderator is a job where you will be required to monitor a post from the members.

These members including facebook group members, forum, page, chat rooms or any platforms that could receive feedback and comments from the users.

This is important to keep the conversation in the group healthy. Sometimes group members tend to post something that may get other members offended or mean things.

So as a moderator you need to prevent this from happens in the group. Listed below are a few websites you can work with:

98. Metaverse Mod Squad – https://modsquad.com/careers/

99. eModeration – http://www.emoderation.com/

100. Bookminders – http://www.bookminders.com/


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