Earn $200 With Proofreading Jobs From Home

In this post, you are going to learn how to earn $200 with proofreading jobs from home

In fact, if you are the person who loved to read, this job might be the perfect job for you. I’m pretty sure you are going to enjoy it.

Before we start let me explain to you what is actually proofreading job?

Make Money With Proofreading Job

A proofreading job is a type of job that requires you to read and spot the error from the article.

It is not necessarily an article it also could be a book, report, journal, transcription or anything that has been written.

Normally the publisher will hire the proofreader to proofread the final draft of their book or article before they publish it.

There are a lot of places on the internet where you can get a proofreading job and can work from home.

But for this particular post, I will share with you a website that has also provide proofreading job.

People Per Hour

The website is called People Per Hour.

People Per Hour is a freelancing website where you can work here as a freelancer. You can work as little or as much as you want.

first of what you need to do is get register with the website. There are 2 options available for you which are work as a freelancer or hire a freelancer.

So if you want to work as a freelancer simply click “I want to work as freelancer” button and signup.

The signup process is pretty straight forward. You also be able to signup with your Facebook account.

The next thing that you have to do is clicking on the search box and then click search offers.

Then you are going to land on this page. On the top right corner before the orange arrow button, click the “all categories”

And then click the writing & translation. Then click the proofreading subcategory.

After that, you are going to see a lot of proofreading jobs available here.

As you can see the payment various from $20 all the way up to $515 depending on the difficulty and how long the article or book that you are going to need to proofread.

You certainly going to get paid more if you choose to proofread the book or long article.

Now you are already know how to make money with proofreading jobs from home. But my post does not end yet.

I still have some cool bonuses for you to help you make everything easy and faster.

Proofreading Jobs From Home – The Bonuses

Now here comes the best part where I’m going to give you 2 applications that are going to help you to accelerate the process of your proofreading jobs

What these 2 apps do is, it is going to help you to correct all the grammar and the misspelling on the article that you are working with automatically.

What you have to do is simply copy the whole article and paste on the website then it is going to autocorrect everything for you.

The first application is called Ginger Software.

Click on the link above and you are going to land to this page.

As you can see in the image above I have typed in the wrong spelling word. After I clicked the “Ginger it” button it will auto-correct all the wrong spelling.

The blue text below the red word is the replacement for the right one. It is that easy. Everything will be done for you by the computer.

That is why I said the app will help you to accelerate the proofreading process for you.

Another application which is also my favorite is called Grammarly.

Go to the Grammarly website and you can see the interface below.

Now I want to show you an example of how easy to use Grammarly. Click on the demo document.

Now pay close attention to the image above. As you can see the word grown up was highlighted with the red underline.

That is because the word was wrong. It should have a dash between them like the one that showed on your right side (with the green box).

Grammarly will literally help you determine what was wrong and give you a suggestion of what you should use by simply hover your mouse over the wrong spelling word.

Not only that it will also help you with the functional sign and grammar mistakes as well.

That is how powerful this application is. With Grammarly, you can also have it on your Chrome browser as a plugin.

So that you don’t have to head off to the website every time you want to use it. Once you get it installed simply turn it on and it’s going to works right away.

So now you don’t have any problem to start with your proofreading jobs as you can use both applications to help you proofread everything.


Discover how you can make money online with proofreading jobs from the comfort of your home.


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