Earn $2200 With Online Transcription Jobs in 2020 at TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe hired a transcriptionist from both beginner’s transcribers and experienced.

No matter what is your typing level at or whether you have any experience prior or not, you certainly can work with this company.

TranscribeMe has worked with various big companies around the world. So there are no trust or scam issues with this company.

Known as a leading ‘work from home’ authorities, regular payouts, and steady workstream, TranscribeMe is the best fit for transcription jobs from home.


I’m pretty sure instead of searching to make money online opportunity, you are also looking for a job where you could work where ever and whenever you want.

That’s why TranscribeMe is a leading work from home company because it allows you to work with your own schedule.

Although you are going to work with them but they give you the flexibility to work with your own time at the comfort of your home.

There’s also no minimum or maximum working hours that you have to perform in order to keep your account active.

Some of the other transcription companies may need you to have a minimum working hour to release your payment, but not with TranscribeMe.

TranscribeMe requirement

Since TranscribeMe is a worldwide transcription company, you need to have good English comprehension.

Their clients are not only coming from English speaking countries but also from non-native English speaking countries.

That is why TranscribeMe has a very strict requirement for this.

You also need a laptop/ desktop, a high-speed internet connection and a pair of headphones. The headphone is actually not necessary but it going to help you to hear clearly.

As you are going to receive and work with different audio quality, having a headphone is really helpful.

To work with TranscribeMe you are also required to only be using Google Chrome as your web browser. Their system currently is not able to work with other browsers except Chrome.

If you haven’t yet get it installed, click here to get one.

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Other requirements to become a good transcriptionist

In a nutshell as a transcriptionist, you are going to transcribe an audio or video file to a written form.

So I think I have to remind you of this because it is crucial in order to become a good transcriber.

This platform is not going to be the best fit for you if you just looking for a typing job solely. Transcribing job is not like other data entry jobs where you just simply key in any information in the blank given.

Instead, you need to have the ability to interpret the conversations, the ability to apply context and identify mistakes in the conversations or any situation in the audio or video given.

For instance, if you receive an audio file from a non-native English speaker you might encounter difficulties in transcribing it.

But if you have the ability to interpret the conversation, what is actually they want to say it going to be really helpful.

That’s why before you get accepted you need to take a test to determine your English level.

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Transcription test

You need to take an English test which is located on your Exams tab. Once you pass this, you will hear from TranscribeMe within 12 business days.

The test including your understanding of grammar, functional, and the overall of the audio or video.

You need to pass this test with 100% correct. The test is really important as it will dictate whether you are ready for this job or not.

If failed, you can take the test again. Unfortunately, for now, they’re not able to give any feedback if you fail but there are multiple tests available for you.

TranscribeMe encourages transcriptionist to be to follow their test guidelines (located on the Exams tab) and try again.

TranscribeMe transcribing process

TranscribeMe uses a crowdsourcing system that works like this:

  • The client submits their audio or video file(s).
  • The file is split, varying on average between ten seconds and one minute. This is to make the transcribing process way easier and faster.
  • These chunks are then available to be completed on the WorkHub for transcriptionists.
  • Once all of these pieces have been transcribed, they are joined together and pass through to the Quality Assurance stage.
  • One of TranscribeMe QAs then adds appropriate timestamps and speaker IDs.
  • Then, the file goes through the final review and is sent to the customer.
  • You get paid!

Worldwide transcription company

As I mentioned prior TranscribeMe is a worldwide company that can accept you as their transcriptionist regardless of where you’re living now as long as you have an internet connection.

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How much you can earn

You will get paid from $15 – $22 per audio/ video hour. On average you’re going to earn $250 per month. The top monthly earning was $2200 per month.

These amounts are just a reference for you. It’s hard to tell how much exactly you can earn with TranscribeMe because it totally depends on you.

How eager you are to make money online, how much effort you willing to put in the work.

Some people might say they’re really serious about it but yet they despair very soon. So if I can give you advice that’d be you need to work hard to get a good paycheck.

It has nothing to do with your skills, how fast you type, or whether you’re a beginner transcriber or experienced. Working hard is the most important.

Payment method

In order to receive the payment from TranscribeMe, you need to have a Paypal account because they will only send your payment through Paypal.

If you haven’t yet signup click here to register. The registration is free and you can create your account 100% online.

After that, you need to get your Paypal account verified by linked your credit or debit card with your account

You are free to withdraw your payment every week.

Final thought

I hope you could try what I’ve shared in this article. frankly speaking, transcription jobs is one of the easiest online jobs you could find.

This job also would be the best fit for those who are love to type.

Personally I really satisfied with TranscribeMe. Although the payment for a transcriptionist is not the highest, but as I’ve mentioned earlier there’s is a possibility you can earn up to $2200 per month with transcription jobs online.

So now my job is done but I believe yours is just started. Good luck!


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