Earn Up To $300 Typing Names Online In 2020

Are you interested to make $300 typing names online? To be exact only typing a few words (2 to 3 words) for the company names online.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the website and walk you through how you can start making some extra cash online.

Also, I will drop 2 awesome bonuses in order to help you accelerate the process of making money with this website.

Squad Help

So the website that I talk about is called Squad help. This website provides a business owner a company name or a business name.

So when someone wanted to have a business name they are going to land to this website and start to create a contest.

You as a freelancer can participate in the contest to stand a chance of winning the contest.

If you head over to the active contest tab you can see there are 423 contests currently available.

As you can see the one that I highlighted with the red line is the prize to win. Normally the prize is $300 for a business name. Sometimes it went up to $350 base of the company.

$300 for 2 to 3 word of company names is a pretty decent amount of money guys. Who is going to pay you that amount of money for only typing company names?

As you can see there are 423 contest has been live currently. Can you imagine how nice your life would be if you could win a few contests from this website per month?

Many people started making money typing names

Here are some of the peoples that have started making a lot of money by typing names with Squad Help.

You can simply go to the page to take a look at how many people have already won the contest and how much they were already made – click here.

This is also proved that this website is legitimate and you can rely on them to start earning some extra cash right online.

I reveal the bonus here

Now let’s have a look at the leaderboard for this website. From here we can see who is the top earner that make the most money with Squad Help.

As you can see in the image top earner for this website has made over $45740.00! It is 5 figure income guys.

Last month she won 13 contests that approximately brought her in $3900 extra cash online per month. How cool was that?

Next thing what you have to do is clicking on her name then you will land to the page below.

Then scroll over down below until you find her winning portfolio. This information is really valuable guys. This information could help you to get a great idea on how to winning the contest.

Because all the names that you see in the images above are the name that had been won the contests.

So what you have to do is get the idea of how she forms all her winning business names.

If you take a look carefully, It is quite obvious that most of the names are actually a combination of 2 different names.

She merges both names to form a new compelling name to win the contest.

So that is the big secret on how to win this contest. Of course, you have to make sure that the combination name has to be related to the business name.

But as you can see when you discover this secret it is not that hard to form a good business name in order to win the $300 prize.

Bonus #2

This bonus is going to help you to accelerate the process of having a business name. It’s a software called business name generator. You can access the software here.

When you land over to this page you are going to see something like this. What you have to do simply type in whatever business that you want to have the name for.

In this example, I typed in clothing to find a business name for a clothing company. As you can see there are a bunch of clothing business names were came out from this software.

So this is going to help you to get some cool idea and accelerate the process of getting the business name.

Follow the steps of champion

Here is another golden nugget that I want to share with you that you can easily find from the Littodino’s winning portfolio.

Right below the Littodino winning names you can see some valuable statistics. This stats could help you to determine how many contests that you have to participate in order to make a lot of money like her or even more.

Take a look at the stats then you can see she had participated 2406 contests and won 71 out of them. The average percentage of winning is almost 3%. That means she had participated a lot of contests.

After that take a look at entries submitted per contests. She had submitted at least 13 participation per contest to stand a chance of winning the contest.

So it’s kind of like a number game guys. You might have some difficulties if you are only participating a few contests per month but if you are willing to put a lot of effort, you could have a brighter chance to win.

Despite it may look like a lot of work to do but what you literally have to do is just combining 2 names together guys.

So just apply the techniques that I have shared in this article and you could stand a chance to win the contest.

Conclusion Of Make Money Typing Online

  1. Head over to this website – Squad Help
  2. Click here to start making money and sign up as a creative
  3. Click here to see the contests available and join them

This is one of the great contests that you can participate in and don’t take a lot of time to do. Winning $300 only by typing business names online is really amazing guys.

Imagine if you could win at least 10 contests a month that’s going to easily bring you in extra $3000!

I hope you got tremendous value throughout this article and I allow you to share this article with your friends.


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