GoTranscript Review – Make Money With Transcription Jobs From Home

GoTranscript is a company that offers transcription jobs from home. You could work with your own time from your couch without having to follow their time.

Although it is a well-known company, it still accepting beginner’s transcriptionist to work with them.

To start work with GoTranscript, you don’ have to have any prior experience as a transcriber. They will still accept you as long as you are serious to work with them.

How to get started

Before you can start making some extra cash with GoTranscript, you need to take a simple test first.

The test is to ensure you have very good English skills. It contains grammar, functional and spelling tests.

It is just a 10 set of questions, but you need to get everything correct because the result will dictate your English understanding level.

After that, you’re going to take the transcription test before you can be accepted as GoTranscript transcriptionist.

This is important to ensure you get a clear picture of what is the real transcription jobs with GoTranscribe look alike.

They even provide you audio with a very strong accent and from a non-native English speaker to test your ability to transcribe.

They do this because GoTranscipt is a worldwide company. They receive daily jobs from their clients all around the world.

So they need the transcriptionist who’s able to transcribe various English speaking levels and from different accents as well.

If you can pass both tests, means that your English understanding is good and you are ready to be their transcriber.

Equipment needed

Three main things you need to have as a transcriber are laptop/ computer, a good internet connection speed, and a headphone or a headset.

All these things are important if you are serious to make money with transcription jobs online because all of them related one to another.

GoTranscript has provided a cool web-based transcribing software that could help you to practice to transcribe.

You can choose whether you want to transcribe an audio file or a video. You also could transcribe a Youtube video by pasting the link in the box provided on the software.

The software has an auto-stop feature where it helps you to save your time from clicking the stop button every time you want to transcribe.

So once you click the video play button you don’t have to click the stop button. The video will stop automatically once you hit your keyboard. Click here to head over to the software.

GoTranscript transcriptionist requirement

Like I told you early on this post, GoTranscribe doesn’t look at your prior skills to get accepted.

While having experience could help you to work faster and earn more but what more important here is your commitment to work.

That’s why they give you 6 hours to transcribe a 10 minutes file. They do not only want you to make money but also learn and improve your transcribing skills.

But by anytime you keen to improve your typing speed, simply head over to typing test speed website to improve your typing speed.

The potential earning

You’ll get paid $0.60 per audio or video minute or $36.00 for an hour transcription job.

An average earning per month for transcriber at GoTranscript is $150 per month. The top monthly earning so far is $1215.

These are based on transcribers who’ve worked with GoTranscript previously. Your result may vary depending on how much effort you’re willing to put on your transcription jobs.

Earn more money with other transcription companies:

How to earn more money with GoTranscript

Besides working directly with them you could also earn another 10% commission by bringing a new client to GoTranscript.

They have a program called affiliate program where you can become their agent by referring a new client to them.

Once the client you referred signup to one of the services available on GoTranscript, you will earn a 10% commission from the total amount purchased by the client.

This way you can double up your earning by referring as many clients as you want. Here are some ideas where you can get your new client:

  • Forum
  • Social media
  • Blog
  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn

All these platforms have a huge potential to get a new client. Forum for example, simply types on Google transcription service forum there is a bunch of results for that.

How much you could earn with the GoTranscript affiliate program?

Let say a client you referred place an order for 60-minutes audio. GoTranscript will charge them $54 an hour. So you will get a $5.40 commission for brought that client to GoTranscript.

That is only one client. How if you could bring 30 clients a month? How if half of them get 3 hours of transcription service? That is the potential earning with GoTranscript.

For your information, GoTranscript pays the highest percentage of commission for their affiliate program to compare to other transcription companies.

So if you are interested to make money with multiple sources I highly recommend to work with GoTranscript. Signup here to become their affiliate.

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Payment method

For now, GoTranscript is going to pay you through Paypal and Payoneer. So if you haven’t signup to either one of this payment method click here to signup with Paypal and here to signup with Payoneer.

You are going to get paid every Friday every week. This is also good news as you don’t have to wait too long to get your payment.

Trusted company

Here are some of the company has worked with GoTranscript previously. From the list above you can tell that GoTranscript is a trusted transcription company trusted by many big companies.

With 413 reviews (80% of them are excellent), GoTranscript also rated 4 stars out of 5 on the Trustpilot website. These data clearly telling us that GoTranscript is a legit company that you can rely on for your side income job.

The conclusion for transcription jobs from home with GoTranscript

I hope you get some value through this article. The most important is you get what you’re looking for.

Personally I really satisfied with the GoTranscript. Although the payment for a transcriptionist is not the highest, but with their affiliate program you can earn so much if you’re serious about this job.

Frankly speaking, if you do it right, I think you can earn way more money from the affiliate program rather than the transcription jobs itself. Good luck!


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