Make $10 Every time Testing Website & Apps – Only Take 20 Minutes

How cool your life would be if you are able to make $10 only by testing website and apps online?

It might sound daunting for some peoples perhaps because of “testing website & apps” might sound a bit technical but trust me if you go through this entire article you will surprise how easy this job is.

First off, have you ever hop into a website and find out some of the buttons on the website doesn’t work?

When you click on some of the links that you believe it might be helpful for you doesn’t work as well?

Or you literally wanted to make a purchase for a product that you’ve been looking for some times but the add to cart button lead you to nowhere?

How do you feel? Was that experience annoyed you? What do you feel about the website and business?

Will you come back to get anything from the website? I truly believe your answer is a big fat NO!

Try My UI

That is the reason why there is a company called Try My UI came out with a brilliant idea to provide a service that could help companies to prevent all those sorts of things from happening to their website.

Making sure each and every feature on the website work well are exceptionally crucial for the business owner.

Besides bringing a bad perception of the company, those unfunctional features are also will make the business owner losing money.

For instance, some of the business might use the paid ads such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads or any other online ads.

So they are actually investing in ads to bring in more customer but when some features on their website or apps are not working, they are losing a lot of money on the ads.

How you are going to make money with Try My UI?

Try My UI provide a service that will help the business improve its website and apps by having a real human touch testing the website.

So obviously Try My UI needs someone to work with them to help them do the heavy lifting. Here is where you can play a role.

All you have to do as a tester is be yourself. Use the test website exactly as you would in a real-life situation.

You don’t have to be an expert tester to evaluate the website because they don’t need it.

Voice your thoughts and frustrations out loud so the site developers can understand your experience (and others’ like you).

For example, if you land on a website and find out the dropdown menu of the website doesn’t work, the about us link doesn’t lead you to the right page, you can record a video and explain in the video about those things.

Try My UI are going to provide you a screen recording software to use to record your screen computer click here.

Later on, the website developer can take your evaluation to improve its website.

How to make $10 per test?

You will be paid $10 for each test you take. A typical test lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Before you get paid, your test will be reviewed by the grader and if everything is okay you will be paid every Friday through Paypal.

How to become a good tester

To become a good tester and also to ensure you will get more test in the future you need to really pay close attention to the instruction given.

Before the developer gives you the test, they had already done some research and study for their website.

Which area of their website that they think might need to improve or need to change.

That is the reason why they provide you a list of test that needs you to go through.

If you are not able to complete the test given, obviously they can’t get the information they need and as a result, your test will be disqualified.

It is exceptionally vital to make sure you follow and complete the list of tests that they need from you.

How to get more test – more money

Besides completing the test like the developer want, you also need to show up at the right time.

There is a lot of testers is going to work with Try My UI at the same time. To be able to show up at the right time is so important to ensure you get the job.

What do I mean is, you have to often check your email. Because once the new test is up Try My UI is gonna send you an email for that test.

So if you missed, and at the same time there’s another person had done the job, it will not available for anyone anymore.

Because all the test is base on first-come-first-serve. Once the test is done it will be blocked.

Test example

This is the sample test for Zomato website. As you can see in this picture on the right side of the website have some information given by the developer.

There are 2 tabs which are for task script and survey questions. On the task script, they provided a scenario and also the tasks that you need to be complete.

So what you have to do is head over to the website and do exactly what they have to ask you to do.

Don’t forget to download the screen recorder software that I had mentioned earlier in this article.

When you click on the survey tab it’s going to look like this. So besides completing the test, you have to complete a few survey questions as well.

You need to write a clear, detailed written summary answering some questions about your experience after you complete the video portion of the test.

Getting started

So if you are interested to start making money with this website go to Try My UI and click at the get to paid to test.

After that, you are going to land over to this page and simply fill up the form with your details.

Be sure to put in the right email address for your Paypal account. After all the details have been completed push the submit button to get started.


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