Make Money Typing Online – Earn $200 And Above Typing 5 Words

In this article, you are going to learn how to make money typing online.

And the interesting part is the method that I’m about to share with you here is very easy as you will only have to type 2 to 5 words in order to make $200 – $999!

I know you might have come across a lot of tactics on how to make money typing online. But I’m fairly sure this tactic a bit different from the rest.

So I want you to pay close attention as this might be your best way on how to make money online.

The website that is going to help you make money typing online is called Slogan Slingers. Head to Slogan Sligners and you can see the website as the screenshot above.

Before we start I want to brief you a bit about this website. For your information, Slogan Slingers is a website that provides a slogan for a business owner.

Slogan Slingers is a middle man and they connect both business owner and slogan writers (which is you) to work together on their website.

As a result, business owners who are looking for a slogan for their website can get their compelling slogan here.


in Slogan Slingers, you have to join the contest created by the business owner. They will provide you the details about the company before you can start to write the slogan.

To start to join the contest simply click the signup button on the website and fill-up the form.

Don’t forget to fill in your legit Paypal account because Slogan Slingers will only pay you via Paypal.

After that check the I agree on the checkbox at the end of the form and create your account. You are done!

Here are some of the slogan contests that currently ongoing. If you are interested in the contest, just click on the “get in on the fun” orange button.

You will head over to this page. This is the page where the business owner will provide you the details about the contest, the slogan and everything you need to stand a chance to win the contest.

How To Win The Slogan Sligners Contest?

Frankly speaking, this type of contest requires a lot of creativity. Although you will only typing a few words but all those words have to be compelling and have the meaning for the company.

For me, this is really crucial. You can’t simply type a few words that you “think” good enough but at the end of the day, no one will like it.

If you really want to win and make money typing online I highly encourage you to do some homework.

What makes a great slogan?

I want you to focus on these big brands and their slogans.

Think different from Apple. I think this slogan really resonates with all of the Apple products.

From their iPod, iPhone, Mac Book, Apple Watch and almost every single product that has been produced by Apple were really different.

That is why their slogan “think different” is suitable for their brand name.

Now take a look at Coca Cola with its open happiness slogan. Don’t you think the slogan is really meaningful?

What else do you have your Coke for unless you want to celebrate on something isn’t it?

I certainly agree every time people having a Coke they are actually in a happy mood. So “open happiness” is a really great slogan for Coke.

Now let’s take a look at another big brand called Nike. Who doesn’t recognize this brand slogan?

It’s so universal and you could use it for different situations.

As you can tell Nike is a sports brand. So “Just Do It” sounds kind of like a motivation phrase that drives you to achieve your goal.

No matter how hard the obstacle is you can get it done with the mentality of “Just Do It”.

Just Do It also means that you don’t have to make things so complicated. In order to success, action speaks louder than words. So forget everything and “Just Do It!”

The reason why I shared with you all these slogans is to give you some idea of what makes the great slogan stands out.

These are just examples. You might want to do a lot more homework to study all the big brand slogans that you think compelling enough as your reference.


Thank you for keep on reading this post until here. So now I know that you are really serious to make money typing online.

So now I want to give you a cool bonus that is going to help you to accelerate the process of creating your first slogan and win the contest.

The bonus is called Shopify Free Slogan Maker. What is does is this website is going to help you to generate hundreds of slogan easily only by fill in the sample words in the box.

First off, head to Free Slogan Maker. You are going to land to the website I showed above.

And then scroll a bit in the middle of the web and you are going to see this box below.

What you have to do next is just type in any reference that you can use to generate the slogan.

For instance, let say I want to work with a pet shop business. I will type in a pet shop in the box and then hit generate slogans button. here are the results.

As you can see there are over 1076 slogans containing pet shops name appear on the free slogan maker search result.

You can take a look at all these slogan suggestions and pick up 10 or 20 best slogans for shortlisting and start to create your own slogan base on the reference.

Before you start to generate the slogan here I would recommend you to visit the contest page first so that you can get some idea what is actually the business owner looking for.

Make Money Typing Online Conclusion

For me personally this is really something worth to try. It’s not rocket science. It just needed a bit of your creativity to form compelling and meaningful words to become a slogan.

Also, don’t forget to use the bonus that I provide to you in order to generate thousands of slogan samples for your reference.


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