Online Surveys That Pays – Earn $13 Per Survey

Are you looking for online survey jobs that pay?

If that is the case I want you to spend a few minutes with me to discover the website and what you need to know to start make money online with a survey.

It is all started in 2014 where a company approached the website owner (Streetbees) to help them do the research on what type of product in general people are using the most.

This includes the beverage brand until the household brand such as washing machines the coffee maker and everything.

Why this thing matter is because of the big brand needs this kind of information in order to enhance their product and services.

They need to know what are those brands so that they can study, compete or improve their product base on the user feedback.

I truly believe all big brands in the world are looking forward to having this kind of data for their own good.

This is exceptionally valuable data for companies to have to make sure they are actually creating and serving their customer with the product and services that people love.

Why Streesbees Was Born

Initially there’s a research company interested to get involved with this project. But unfortunately, the price is so expensive.

They have quoted 500,000 pounds sterling to get those data from 20 different countries across the globe.

That is when the founder of Streetbees named Tugce Bulut came out with Streetbees ideas.

Streetbees is a website where the consumer can participate and take the survey about anything (depend on the survey Streetbess has provided) and get paid.

For instance if the company wanted to know what type of coffee maker that people are using now you as the surveyor have to take a picture of what brand you are currently using.

The pictures above are what some of the surveys look like. It is a very simple process.

What you have to do is simply take a picture of the product that you are currently using and send it out to Stretbees via their apps.

Depend on Streetbess’s client, the type of survey might vary from one to another. But basically that it how everything works.

As you can see there are many other surveys are available in Streetbees.

Basically the type of survey is about the same where you have to provide the proof of what type of brand you are using at that moment.

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Besides completing an online survey you also can do other tasks that pay you cash as well.

How To Get Started

If you are interested to start to make money survey online with Streetbees, head over to Google Play or Apple Store to download the application.

Here is how it looks at the Apple Store. If you scroll over down below you could read the reviews from people who has working with Streetbees.

Streetbees have received a 4.4 rating out of 5.

With over 729 ratings from their online freelance contractors, it is a good indicator for you to determine whether or not you want to be a part of this company.

Online Survey Jobs Conclusion

Frankly speaking Streetbees is one of the high paying survey site at the moment. If you are looking for the survey job that worth for your time I think this is it.

While you are going to spend like 10 to 20 minutes on average with other survey sites, with Streetbees you will only need a few minutes to complete the survey.

Simply head of to the Streetbees website, get signup and start earn some extra cash with online surveys job with Streetbees.


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