Side Hustle Ideas In 2020 – How To Easily Make Money Painting Lines Online

If you are searching for the most simple side hustle idea, this idea would be the one that you will be grateful to know.

There are a lot of side hustle methods on how to make money online but trust me this is by far the easiest and fastest to do.

Only by painting a few lines online you can make extra cash. I know you may think it sounds too good to be true but trust me if you read this post until the end everything will make sense to you.

How Everythings Work?

Essentially you are going to make money by removing the background image. And you will need to do little work which is just drawing a few lines to remove it.

Pretty cool huh?

For your information, there are a lot of people searching for this service online. They need their background image removed for so many reasons.

Some of them are entrepreneurs who wanted to have a stand out product image. Some of them are bloggers, online marketers, influencers and many others.

Frankly speaking, you will only be going to need less than a minute to get this job done. No kidding. I have a video to prove it here.

But for sure you need to do it with the right tool and the right way which is I’m going to share with you in this post.

But why there are still have people who want to hire you to do this such easy work?

The answer is simple, they don’t know about it. They don’t read this blog post because if they do I’m fairly sure they will do it by themself.

Another reason why is they just not interested to do it. They’d rather spend a few bucks to get things done so that they can save some time.

Let’s get down to business.


First of you need to have a Fiverr account. It’s completely free to signup. You could also simply signup with your social media account.

For those who have no idea what is this platform is, Fiverr is a freelancing website where you as a freelancer could make money online by providing a service here.

Most of the service is the service that you can deliver online. Some of them are logo design, voice-over service, article & blog post, translation and many more.

What is interesting about Fiverr is, it is an establish freelancing platform. A lot of people across the globe know about Fiverr.

So as a freelancer that is very good news because you don’t have to search the client by yourself instead, just rely on Fiverr to help you get the client.

At the time of writing this post, on average Fiverr has 35 million visitors per month. From those numbers, you can imagine what is the potential of providing service on this platform.

After getting your account set up what you have to do next is go to the home page and type in “background removal” in the search box.

You are going to see the result above.

Take a look at all these sellers. Some of them had 1000+ orders and easily made around $5000 by removing the image background.

Other sellers were made 600, 200, and 100 orders with the exact same service. In a nutshell, there are a lot of sellers were making thousands of dollars by providing background removal service.

How much profit do they make with that number of orders? Take a look at Dimuthun who has 1k+ orders.

He charges $5 for his service. Obviously he is making around $5000 for this particular gig.

You need to pay some fees to Fiverr. Well, this is how Fiverr making money though.

But do not worry because the fees are very small compared to how much profit you are going to make. You only need to pay 20% of every transaction to Fiverr.

It is still a good amount of percentage because you don’t have to do the heavy lifting work such as marketing work to bring in the traffic on your own.

So for the guy who has 1k+ orders, he is making around $4000 for that gig.

How your life would be if you are able to make $4000 for your side hustle job? I’m sure you are nodding right now and looking forward to the next step, aren’t you?

So let’s see what does it take to get this thing done within a minute.

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The Apps You Need

If you are a designer or have a designer friend I’m fairly sure they will tell you they are going to use Photoshop software to get this job done.

Photoshop is a software where you can do the image editing work. I’m a designer and I’ve been operating this software for many years.

I used Photoshop for many of my side hustle jobs prior. Trust me it isn’t easy. It took me at least a couple of weeks to start comfortably handle it.

But you don’t have to know how to use Photoshop. Because the apps that I will share with you is exceptionally easy to use. You could learn within a few minutes.

Clipping Magic

The app called Clipping Magic. You can use this online app by clicking here.

Clipping Magic is an application that helps people to remove their background images as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Not like Photoshop with Clipping magic, you certainly can remove the background without spending weeks of learning it, It is so easy and friendly to use.

Head over to the Clipping Magic website to get started.

What you have to do first is upload your image by clicking the big blue button on the right.

This is my image look alike when I upload it to this website. As you can see there are two sides of images.

The left is the one that you are going to work with while the other side is the preview of what you will be getting when you work on the right image.

So how you are going to do this?

You will be drawing two simple lines to remove the background image. There will be a green and red line.

The green line is used to dictate the foreground. It also represents the image or object that you want to keep.

While the red line is to remove the image or object that you don’t need. Let’s take a look at an example.

In this image, I want to keep the cup and remove the entire background.

So I picked the green line up and drew a simple line on the cup. You can do this by clicking on the green button at the top of the left corner in the image above.

Next, you need to determine the background by clicking the red button and draw a line on the background image just like what I did above.

There is some portion at the cup holder that not being selected when I drew the red line. So I need to draw a little dot in it to also tell the app that it needs to removed as well.

So while I draw the red line, the preview image on the right side will automatically be removed as I did.

Now I have an image without the background and I did it within a minute. I’m going to need at least a couple of minutes if I’m using Photoshop.

So I hope now everything makes sense to you. This is the side hustle ideas that you can give a shot to get some extra cash online.

Start To Make Money

After you remove all the background simply click the “download to subscribe” button and you are going to see this page.

Yes in order to get your image downloaded you need to subscribe to this website.

Okay I know some of you might a little disappointed now because you need to invest some money upfront to get more money.

Trust me subscribing with Clipping Magic is worth your money.

Because if you subscribe to the standard package, the download fee is just about 3% of what are you going to be getting from Fiverr. It is immensely cheap.

With that very little fee you can save a lot of time with their friendly and very easy to used software.

If you just started out you can subscribe to the light plan first. With the light plan, it will cost you $0.26 per image download.

But if you subscribe with the standard plan you will only be going to be charged $0.08 per image download. It is way cheaper.

Of course, the pro plan is the most cheaper but I’m sure not so many people could afford it. That’s why I think the standard plan is the valuable and affordable to try out.

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Conclusion For The Side Hustle Ideas

I’ve shared a lot of methods on how to make money online, work from home, side hustle ideas and more.

Some of them are transcribing, online surveys, proofreading jobs, and more. But generally speaking, none of them could take you only a couple of minutes to get the job done.

This side hustle idea is the fastest that I’ve shared in my blog. I hope this method could help you to make some extra money online.

Don’t just read and leave this post without trying it out. I’d like to hear your progress in the comment down below. See you.

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