Transcription Jobs For Beginners in 2020 – Make Money Online With

Frankly speaking, is one of the most popular transcription job websites for both beginners and experienced transcribers.

Not only transcriber, but Rev also knowns as one of the transcription jobs companies that a lot of people had working with.

These are the companies had been working with Rev prior. From the list above you can tell that Rev is the transcription company you can trust.

With Rev, you as a transcriber could access a list of customer audio that needs transcribing. You can choose whatever jobs you want to work with.

But everything subject to meeting Rev’s quality requirements and terms and conditions for freelancer work.

All the details about the job listed will provide upfront in your back office. So before you take any job available you can ensure whether the job is a good fit for you.

This is important because once you decide to take the job you have to follow all of the instructions listed. One of those is the timeframe to get the job done.

I’m afraid you couldn’t meet the job deadline you are going to blacklisted from this company.

Rev transcription requirements

I’d say if you are looking for transcription jobs for beginners Rev is certainly the site that you have to try.

Because it clearly stated in their website that to become their freelance transcriptionist you don’t have to demonstrate any of your prior experience.

But Rev needs their transcribers to have strong English understanding and grammar. You also need to take the 60 minutes grammar quiz to ensure you meet the Rev requirement.

You’ll be provided with the guidelines on how to ensure your transcription sample meets the quality standards expected by customers.

Following the guidelines is vital because when you start your transcription job, you have to be 100% accurate with the audio file given.

Since it has a timeframe to follow and it related to typing, I’d like to recommend you take a typing test to know how fast you could type.

This is especially for beginners transcriptionist who doesn’t have any experience prior. Head off to typing speed test website to give it a shot.

In terms of transcription equipment obviously you need to have a laptop or a computer to type.

You also need a highspeed internet connection to ensure you could hear the audio files without any buffer and distraction.

Also, a good quality headphone or headset (preferably the noise-canceling) to hear the audio file clearly.

How much money you can make

The range of payment for this website is around $0.50 per audio/ video minute. But the rate also depends on how long the file is and how urgent the file need to be done.

On average your earning potential would be somewhere around $245 per month. The highest monthly earning potential was $1495.

Depend on how many hours you are willing to work with Rev, your earning could vary from the result.

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The payment method

From the time I’m writing this, Rev is only using Paypal as their payment method.

You will get paid on a weekly basis. The payment for the previous week is going to be transferred to your Paypal account in the following week.

If you haven’t get your Paypal account signup already, Click here to get one. To get it verified, you going to need a credit or debit card to link with your Paypal account.

Rev is a worldwide transcription company

If some of the transcription jobs companies are only allowing US citizens to work with them, Rev accepts freelancers all around the globe.

For them, the most important is you are willing to work and are willing o learn simultaneously. It’s more to attitude rather than location.

Flexibility working hour

I’m sure when you are looking for extra cash online you are also looking for a job or side hustle that has flexibility aren’ you?

If that is the cast Rev definitely the answer. With Rev, you are able to do the transcription jobs from home with your own schedule.

Unlike other transcription companies that require minimum hours to commit and remain active, Rev doesn’t need that.

With Rev, you can work as little and as much as you want. You can claim transcription jobs at any time of the day.

Make more money with Rev

The good news for you is Rev is not only offers their freelancer to work as a transcriptionist but you could also work as a captioner.

A captioner scop of jobs is to type and convey everything you hear from the video given.

In addition to typing the dialogue, captioners also describe sound effects and music cues to help viewers understand what’s going on.

In a nutshell, you need to type everything that you hear from the video.

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How to get started

If you are ready to work with Rev click here to get a signup. When you click the link you are going to the signup page. Fill up the form with your details and make sure everything is right especially your Paypal account.


If you are looking for transcription jobs for beginners I think Rev is the company that you should try.

One of the reasons why is because with Rev you don’t have to meet minimum working hours to stay active.

It also a trusted transcription company with many big-name companies had working with them previously.

In terms of the payout is also very interesting because you’ll get paid on a weekly basis.


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