Transcription Jobs From Home With Scribie – Get Paid Transcribing Audio Files

Scribie has been around since 2008 and has been transcribed more than 3,966,857.30 minutes of audio since then.

$1,933,749.45 had been paid to their transcribers. From the time I’m writing this Scribie has almost 26,000 transcribers all around the world.

Scribie is an audio transcription company that allows you to make money with transcription jobs online.

You will get paid for the file you transcribe base on an audio hour basis. The work involves listening to the audio files and type it back as accurate as possible.

If you just starting out Scribie is one of the best platforms for you to get the transcription jobs for beginners (you can take a look at 9 other platforms here).

The payment rate may relatively small than other transcription companies, but this company offers good transcription jobs for beginners.

For experienced transcribers, you are also welcome to work with Scribie as they are actually providing for both beginner transcribers and experienced.

How To Getting Started

To start working with Scribie, you need to follow their requirements. They need you to follow these requirements to ensure you could deliver the quality they’re looking for.

You have to know that Scribie is a middle man that connects you with their clients. So instead of work for them, you also need to take care of their reputation.

If you could serve their clients well, more clients will hire them and obviously you as their transcriber will be benefited from it as well.

Scribie Requirements

Since Scribie is a worldwide transcription company you need to have good English comprehension.

Most of the audio files would be in English. Some of the files may not really in very good audio quality, that is why you need to understand English well.

These are other requirements you need to have to become Scribie transcriber:

  • Ability to interpret conversations
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes
  • Verified PayPal account (linked to a bank account or credit card)
  • Laptop/desktop computer and a good internet connection
  • Headphone/headset
  • The latest version of FirefoxChrome or Safari web browser

All these requirements are required as it going to help you to get accepted and start to make money online with them.

On top of that, the most important is you need to have the ability to correct manual/ automated transcripts. This platform is not going to be the best fit for you if you just looking for a typing job solely.

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Verified PayPal Account

Having a verified PayPal account is very crucial on Scribie. That is why you need to log in or create a new PayPal account before you can fill up the application.

This shows that Scribie is an eligible company because it could link PayPal with their company.

It also shows Scribie really takes care of their transcriber payment. They don’t want you not getting paid when you’ve done the transcription jobs.

Scribie wants to serve their clients and you as best as they could.

In order to verify your PayPal account, it has to be linked to a bank account and/ or credit card depending upon your country.

You can check the PayPal FAQ here to know the exact process.

The Transcription Process

The transcription process is pretty straight forward. I’m pretty sure you can understand although you’re a beginner to the online transcription jobs. It consists of 5 simple steps below:

1) Splitting the files

The transcribers will get the 6 minutes of an audio file. Regardless of how long the actual file is, Scribe will provide you a 6 minutes audio file.

The reason for this is to make the transcriber work way faster then transcribe the entire file at a time.

2) Raw transcription

In a nutshell, this is what being an online transcriber is all about. In this step, the transcriber will start to transcribe the file given accordingly.

You need to hear the audio that has given to you and type everything back. You can replay the audio until you clearly understand and ensure what you hear is right.

If you are a beginner to the transcription jobs it may take relatively longer to transcribe the file. But you’ll get better if you keep on doing this over time.

Scribie has provided the transcription test for those who want to practice. Click here to give it a shot.

3) Review

The next step is the review process. The reviewer will check every word that you’ve typed to compare it against the audio file.

They have to make sure everything was typed accordingly base on what contained in the original file.

4) Proofreading

In this proofreading process, they will combine all the 6 minutes audio into one. Then they will proofread the entire transcript file.

5) Quality check

The transcript file will be going through a final quality check to ensure everything is right.

It will be another proofread if they find any mistake before they send it out to the client. This is to make sure the satisfaction of their clients and serve them at a high-quality service.

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How Much Money You Can Earn

You will earn $5 – $25 per audio file. On average you are going to earn around $0.50 per minute.

Despite this is not the highest-pay for transcription jobs, but with Scribie you have multiple ways to increase your earning.

You can earn a $5 extra bonus each month for every 3 hours of your work. This is good news for those who are serious to make extra cash online.

There’s no maximum hour of working with Scribie so it totally depends on you how much bonus you want to earn every month.

If you can perform the work well, you are also eligible to be promoted to become a reviewer, proofreader and the QC where you can earn more money.

As a transcriber, reviewer, proofreader and QC Your potential earning per month could be anywhere from $700 – $1000 depend on how many hours you willing to work.

How To Increase Your Earnings

Like I told you with Scribie you are not only can do the transcription jobs but also a few other ways to multiply your earning.

You can increase your earning with their referral program. What does it mean is you can refer anyone who is looking for transcription service to signup with Scribie.

In return, you will get a 5% commission for each order placed by the client that you’ve referred to.

You are also entitled to another commission if you are able to get a new transcriber works with Scribie.

Scribie will pay you a $2.5% commission earned from each of the transcribers that you referred to.

Let say you refer a new client who placed an order of 1-hour audio file. Scribe will charge $48 to their client.

And you will earn another extra $2.40 for that. If you could refer one new client a day to order 1-hour transcription audio, your estimate earning earn month only for that is $72.

How if the client that you refer to end up order 2,3 or even 10 hours of transcription service? How if you are able to get 2,3 new clients a day?

Your potential earning with Scribie is totally depended on how much effort you are willing to put on.

How to get more referral

You will be provided a customized Scribie profile to promote. The profile embedded with the referral link on it.

So whenever you get a new signup Scribie will notice it came from you. Essentially that is how the referral Scribie program works.

So in order to draw a lot of new clients signup, I encourage you to paste your profile to several different platforms such as Blog, Forum, Facebook, or other platforms that you think could help you draw new clients.

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Scribie Certification Process

Application submission

First of you need to submit your application here. In order to fill the application form, you are required to sign in with your Paypal account. You will be taken the application page afterward.

Apparently Scribie needs their potential transcribers to have a Paypal account before work with them. This is because all the payment will be sent through Paypal.

If you haven’t sign up with Paypal already click here to get yours.

Email confirmation

You will then need to confirm your application with Scribie by clicking the confirmation link that will be sent to you through email.

This is the email that you provide in the application form prior. Make sure you provide your active email in the form to ensure you do not miss it out.

But do not worry because you can apply a new application if you accidentally put the wrong email into your previous application form.

Waiting list

Your transcription jobs application will be reviewed before you are accepted. The review process normally will take in the span of 1 business day.

You will be notified whether your application is accepted or not through your email. You can check your status here.

If you are rejected you can simply re-apply by fill up the application form again. It shouldn’t be an issue as long as you are serious to make money with transcription jobs online.

Transcription test

After the waiting list reaches zero, you will be invited through email to the transcription test. Before getting your test you will be given a link to creating your account with Scribie.

Creating your account is necessary because you can only get your transcription test after you log in to your account.

After login to your account, you will be provided several different audio files, and you can only choose one of them.

What you need to do next is transcribe the audio and submit it. There are going to be a few steps before you can get your test result.

At this stage, your transcription file may get reassign to you a few times for the editing before you can go to the next step.

All the notification is going to be sent through your email. So pay close attention to it.

Get the Scribie certification

Your test will be reviewed before you can be a certified transcriber. If you get accepted your transcription test file will be paid.

But if you are rejected do not worry because you still can re-apply the test with Scribie. But you need to be very careful because you only have 10 attempts for the test.

One tip I want to give you if you got rejected for the first attempt, compared your first test with the reviewed. From there you could see what is your mistake.

To increase your chances of being accepted I highly recommend you to do some practice.

You can do it by visiting this page. By doing this you could get a clear picture of what is the test and the real transcription jobs look-alike in general.

If that page makes you confuse simply head over to this page to see the example of the transcription file.

I hope both pages are going to help you to hone your transcription skills and get accepted.

Final Thought For Transcription Jobs From Home

I hope this article will help those who are looking for transcription jobs from home. If you are still on the fence, I highly recommend you to give Scribie a shot.

Scribie suit for both beginner transcribers and experienced. Although the payment rate is not among the highest, but you could still earn more money with their bonus and referral program.

Get started now and start earning some extra cash with online transcription jobs from home. I hope you can start working from the comfort of your home now!


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